riefing Materials for Churches

1. Introduction


We would like to request the removal of victims crimes technology, nano-chips contained in corona vaccines and analyzing criminal methods using radio waves,
based on the (space technology) that is 50 to 60 years ahead of us and which will be explained in the next section.


It is also known that this crime exists not only in Japan but also here in Nigeria, even if only for a few days of stay.


The name of the crime is 「technology crime」 and there are victims all over the world.



The victims are not supposed to be aware of it.
It is also a crime that is not revealed to the public, mainly because it is committed using wireless technology.



2. contents of request
A.Removal of metallic substances from the body covered with metallic substances
B.Removal of silicone between bones and metallic materials covered with silicone
C.Removal of metal plates and metal balls from several millimeters to several centimeters in length around the ears, temples, and below.
D.Removal of slimy organisms such as leeches and slugs inside the body.
E.Chrysalis with a diameter of 2-3 mm and a length of about 2.5 cm.
The chrysalis has a human face and wings, and the removal of slimy organisms (different from leeches, etc. mentioned above).
F.Elimination of nano-chips that are placed somewhere inside the body or in the creature.
G.Removal of demons that emit a clicking, squealing, or squeaking sound when they move.


H.Removing the sound that is muffled and not audible through the ears.


I.Music can be heard depending on the situation and other factors. It seems to be mainly Korean system music via trumpet etc.


※Metallic materials and silicon are materialized from elementary particles because they are destroyed when certain things are done, but they can be regenerated.
The regeneration is related to the material and its frequency.


The most desirable thing is the emission of a chrysalis with a diameter of 2 to 3 mm and a length of about 2.5 cm.
This looks a lot like the egg-like object in the photo with numerous threads wrapped around it.


《Reference Capture》



I will explain what it looks like next.





2A. Face covered with metallic material
The following materials are piled up in layers through silicone rubber and attached to the skull
Plates of metallic material
Spheres of metallic material are arranged in a row.


2B. Creatures such as leeches and slugs
(Absorb radio waves and swell up like a tree trunk, becoming more and more muscular)
They become active when irradiated with electronic or leathery materials.


2C. Spheres of metallic material (swells from 2mm to 2cm by absorption of radio waves)
Active when irradiated with electronic or leathery materials


2D. A slimy, chrysalis-like creature that appears to have a face and wings.
I have grabbed a feather and let it go a few times.
At that time, it was in the lymph vessels and could escape through the lymph vessels in the ear toward the neck.
Another time it was in the skin near my earlobe.




3. Why do we say so?
One answer is based on our experience in determining real substances such as nano-chips contained in corona vaccines and analyzing criminal methods using radio waves, based on the following experiences.


〇Activities in Japan
We have been conducting rescue activities for people who have been vaccinated against coronavirus in Japan. (Since he is not a qualified doctor, he is working from the angle of looking at capillary vessels.)


《Harigane Robot》






《Only the blue color can help》









《Harigane robot planted in mosquito》















Some of the photos show nano-chips and nano-wires that exist in the body due to corona vaccines, etc.
The nanowires, oxidized graphene, and chips are referred to as hari-ganem robots.
The woman in the photo is the main person at the activity site.



〇National Qualifications
She has a national qualification as a first class land special radio technician and has some knowledge and research ability.



《Radio operators license:Photo.》





〇The image of the inside of the body.
A picture of silicon inside the body may explain the presence of silicon inside the body.
(The white of the surface of the skin and the image of a dead insect trying to pull it out from the depths of the body.)


《Reference Video.1》

《Reference Video.2》

《Reference Video.3》

There are many others, but here are a few that I would like to discuss.


The eardrums are made of silicon rubber because they can be stretched as much as possible like rubber when they are pressed hard, and we learn a lot of things by tearing them.


Brief history of how we got here

Details regarding the ear (explained in the time line)


Approximate 4 weeks from the following car break-ins to the start of ear-related harm
◎First 2 weeks
1. Car trespassing and manipulation of the interior of the car
There are signs that someone got into the car.
Drive recorder footage is erased
SD card of the drive recorder is removed.
Spare SD card in the car disappears


2. Trespassing and manipulation of your home
Items become lost or change location while you are away


3. Tailgating from an unknown vehicle
Tailing by an unknown vehicle (two cars, Saga license plate number)
On a road that even a local person does not know
Cars with license plates from other prefectures started driving on the same route as me.
Cars with Saga license plates started hanging around my house in this area


4.Trespassing into my house, moving things in my room and remodeling my room
Items in my house were missing or moved to different locations.


5. Tampering with light switches in the house
When you turn on the light switch in the living room, the light in the Japanese-style room comes on.
When you turn on the light switch in the bathroom, the light in the bathroom comes on.
This kind of manipulation is done


6. During a long absence from home
Major remodeling of the room is done.
The cloth paper in the bedroom, living room, and bathroom have an unusual discoloration and sheen.


7. Measures to be taken during long-term absence from home and intrusion routes
Details of countermeasures
Window sash locks to be stuck
Screws were added to the key locks to prevent them from moving


Glass cups and other objects are placed on the front door.
The door is also locked to prevent the key from turning.


As a result of all possible investigations
The intrusion route was through a triangle near the roof of the house.
The location of the power lines was different from the past, and the triangle was kicked over with a foot.
In addition, the gas valve of the air conditioner had been tightened to prevent the gas from circulating.


8. Report to the police
They said You didnt sleep, did you?


◎One month after the illegal entry into the car
9. Manipulation of appliances and other items in the home
Strange noise and unscrewing from a CD player that was supposed to be repaired
Surprised in the middle of the night by an object slowly glowing from the wall of my bed or room
Gas water heater turned off
Having a gas fan heater burn out
erasing your answering machine
They stop the intercom from ringing


◎A month and a few days later
10. Unusual number of creaking noises coming from my house.
Sounds like someone is on the roof or something.
The house starts to creak and squeak.
(Wooden two-story house)
After the creaking and squeaking, there is an abnormal amount of noise.
This is like an earth tremor.
The house gradually creaks and squeaks.
Gradually the house started creaking, and then the earth started moving toward us.
And then, finally, it was like an eardrum collapsing.
It happens several times in the house.


◎This is where the harm starts, mainly in the ears.
11. Audio transmission from the perpetrator
At first it is the sound of the intercom ringing
The sound of a conversation in some house
Voice calling out from a street car (Would you like some tofu tofu delicious tofu?)
After being subjected to various sounds, the sound became the current music type (mainly the Korean type with a trumpet blowing).
When I close my eyes, I sometimes see the ceiling and lights of a room that seems to be someone elses house.


12. Actions from the perpetrator
When the assailant performs certain operations on the ears, numbness of the head begins to occur.
There are two main types of manipulation
(1) When the assailant approaches within 1 meter of you.
(2) After the sound of the pit operation of an air conditioner, etc. (probably at a certain frequency).


The numbness in the head may be like being hit by a hammer or vibrating finely.


In addition to numbness in the head, there are other symptoms such as tightness of the heart and
fatigue, or a desire to urinate.
urination, or diarrhea.
diarrhea, and so on.


After experiencing and passing through a variety of harms, the current harms


13. Current Situation
The relationship between the act of touching the ear and the harm can be stated first
Mitigation of Harm
Simply the ear harm (symptom) is that the ear and its interior will be pulled to the outside when communication is present.
The simple communication is not always present, but is considered to be a frequency relationship with the silicon inside the ear.
It is also considered that the inside of the ear is often magnetized at that time.
Other tremors occur around the ears.


In addition, the lymphatic vessels and muscles around the ears become stiff and hard, pulling the eyes from the ears, which in turn causes stiffness in the back.
If you go from the ear to the upper part of the body, the brain is pulled internally and begins to contract.


On top of that, it is the frequency of the previous assault.
This can induce diarrhea, nausea, fatigue, and various other symptoms.


The mitigation of the damage is the elimination of the metallic balls and leeches inside the ear that block the Eustachian tubes, and the repair of the nerves.
Repair of nerves means that leeches and other insects cover the lymphatic vessels and nerves, causing them to stiffen.
When an external metallic substance or a unique frequency is applied to the affected area, the repair process begins and the damaged area turns into a thickened substance, which finally turns into water and disappears.
When the injured area is relieved to this extent, the stiffness is restored, so I do this frequently.
Why do we do this so often?
Because the communication is disrupted when this relaxation is performed, the assailant frequently performs a certain act.
This act may be electronic, laser, or other means of frequency or pulse irradiation.
I believe that this is the main purpose of the stalking.


In Nigeria, the assailant will go around to my side or behind me and
transmitting the assailant waves.
I consider this to be related to pain in the right side of my back and rib area, etc.
At present, the word transmitting may not be the right word.
Maybe it is better to say that the assailant is always transmitting and receiving.
Certainly, there is also transmission from a cell phone.




Criminal Methods

Criminal Methods
Knowing the method of this crime, it may turn out that there are many hidden victims, so I will add the details of the damage as additional information.


The basic idea of this crime is to keep the victim unaware of the crime.
One act is divided into three or four moves, and the crime is committed under the guise of an illness or accident.
In addition, the victims friends and relatives are taken into the act.


1.Physical configuration
Tightening of the chest to the heart, etc.
In terms of physical devices, the Harigane Robot
This is also divided into nanowire, condenser, and microphone chip.
The RFID and the uniqueness are added to give it individual and group characteristics.
The robot is then connected to the body using graphene oxide.
In this case, it is very intricate, as communication is only possible when four hands are physically connected and electromagnetic waves are added to the four hands.



○An example of a case that will never be discovered
The case of using metallic balls or slugs.
This is an example of harm to us at present.
Irradiation of an electronic or leathery substance from the outside that stings
This sting is a detonator.


When this leather or other material strikes the body
(1) External communication becomes possible.
(2) The creatures such as slugs and metal spheres become active and nearby metal spheres start to expand.


The external communication produces an aggravation wave and stiffening of the lymphatic vessels and muscles.
Direct frequency (*1) is transmitted to the aggravating wave as a malfunctioning wave.
It seems that the bugs that reside under the brain are stimulating the nerves.


※1-heart-tightening frequencies, numbness in feet and fingertips, upset stomach, stimulation of the brain, and induction of diarrhea.


Lymphatic and muscular stiffness, if extended from the ear to the upper part, causes brain contraction in this case starting from the ear and at the same time pulling the eyes.


If it extends from the ear to the lower part of the body
Stimulation of the eyes, the lymph nodes in the neck, and the back of the back shoulder blades and ribs, starting from the ears.


In other words, in this case, there are two major hazards: physical discomfort caused by the frequency and physical discomfort caused by stiffening of the muscles and lymphatic vessels.


In this case, two major harms occur.