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Do not forget your original intention, keep in mind the mission | Chenghai District Financial Work Bureau held a theme financial lecture

12 日,由澄海区金融工作局主办,国信证券、树业环保党支部、广商公司党支部、国寿澄海支公司党支部、农行澄海支行党委协办的“不忘初心,牢记使命”主题金融讲座在澄海金融大厦(树业环保会议中心)举办。 On December 12 , sponsored by the Financial Work Bureau of Chenghai District and co-organized by Guoxin Securities, Shuye Environmental Protection Party Branch, Party Branch of Guangshang Company, Party Branch of China Life Chenghai Branch Company, and Party Committee of Agricultural Bank Chenghai Branch Themed financial lectures were held in Chenghai Financial Building (Tree Industry Environmental Conference Center). 50 多人到场聆听讲座。 The director of the District Financial Work Bureau Lin Shuhao presided over the lecture, and more than 50 people from Chenghai District's proposed listed company and the New Third Board Company attended the lecture.

IPO 及新三板政策与动态,提高 IPO 及新三板相关业务的综合处理能力,寻求帮助企业到资本市场更好发展的措施。 The purpose of this knowledge seminar is to implement new development concepts, enhance the capital market's ability to serve the real economy, help companies grasp the IPO and NEEQ policies and developments in a timely manner , improve the comprehensive processing capabilities of IPO and NEEQ related businesses, and seek to help companies to better the capital market. Good development measures.

In this lecture, Mr. Guan Ruilong, General Manager of the Mergers and Acquisitions 3 Division of Guoxin Securities Investment Banking Division, was invited to give a lecture. He used three aspects, including the prospect of future regulatory policies, the analysis of the dynamic policies of the New Third Board Enterprise, and the prospect of the GEM registration system. A new vision, humorous language, informative data, and massive information shared a wonderful professional course for everyone. The lecture was both theoretical and practical, and very grounded. Responsible persons from various companies have said that they have benefited a lot and gained a lot.

Lin Shuhao, the director of the Financial Affairs Bureau of Chenghai District, made a summary speech and encouraged the companies to be listed in the jurisdiction and companies on the New Third Board to grasp the new opportunities of the new round of science and technology board, GEM registration system, and the new third board "selection layer". Accurate positioning, accelerating the pace of listing on the capital market of enterprises, expanding and expanding through financing channels, and promoting high-quality development of enterprises. The District Financial Work Bureau will track and understand the progress of enterprises, securities firms, banks and other institutions in the process of docking and communication, coordinate and solve the problems encountered by the companies to be listed and the New Third Board in a timely manner, and create a better business environment for enterprises in the jurisdiction.

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