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Company news
[Good news] Warm congratulations to the company's chairman Lin Shuguang on his election as the vice chairman of the Chenghai Science and Technology Association

月30日上午,汕头市澄海区科学技术协会第九次代表大会在澄海区党政大楼16楼隆重召开。 On the morning of October 30, the ninth congress of the Chenghai District Science and Technology Association of Shantou City was grandly held on the 16th floor of the Party and Government Building in Chenghai District. The conference listened to and reviewed the work report of the eighth session of the Association of Science and Technology of the District, studied and deployed the work of the Association of Science and Technology of the next five years, and elected the ninth Committee of the Association of Science and Technology of the District. Chairman of the Municipal Science and Technology Association Ma Qingliang, Huang Pengwei, deputy secretary of the district party committee, Lin Dianfa, standing committee member, minister of the United Front Work Department, Cai Liqiang, deputy director of the standing committee of the district people's congress, Zhou Zhikan, deputy chairman of the district CPPCC, and relevant leaders of the district discipline inspection committee and district organization department attended the meeting; The main leaders of people's organizations such as the District Federation of Trade Unions, the Communist Youth League Committee, the District Women's Federation, the District Federation of Industry and Commerce, the District Cultural Federation, the District Overseas Chinese Federation, and the District Disabled Persons Federation were invited to attend the meeting; 120 representatives from associations, science popularization bases, characteristic schools, relevant units, and responsible comrades of the district's national scientific literacy work leading group members participated in the meeting.

The conference elected members of the ninth committee of the Chenghai Science and Technology Association through secret ballot. At the 1st Plenary Session of the Ninth Session of the Chenghai District Association for Science and Technology, Lin Jingyong was elected as the Chairman of the District Association for Science and Technology, and Zhang Wensheng, Lin Shuguang, Lin Qiuqiang, and Huang Yanyan were elected as the Vice Chairman of the Association for Science and Technology.

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