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Looking back on the magnificent 70 years, witness the rise of China! In 2019, the great motherland celebrates her 70th birthday. China's 70 years, from a poor country to a weak country, has suddenly become the world's second largest economy. This is an unprecedented historical leap in comprehensive national strength. This is a new era of leap and struggle. The 70 years of the great journey are a long time and a period of magnificent history: the Chinese people are the masters, science and technology bring about rapid changes, the Chinese economy is moving towards the world, and a new era of aggressive reforms is woven into a period of great power Flash memory inside.
Xi Jinping presided over the tenth meeting of the Central Comprehensive Deepening Reform Committee and pointed out that to actively respond to plastic pollution, we must firmly establish a new development concept, orderly ban and restrict the production, sales and use of some plastic products, and actively promote the use of recyclable, easy to recycle and degradable alternatives Products, increase the supply of green products, regulate the recycling of plastic waste, establish and improve the management system of all links, and effectively and effectively control plastic pollution.
"Protect the Earth" co-organized by Shantou Ecological Environment Bureau Chenghai Branch, Shantou Lvheng Environmental Protection Volunteers Association, and hosted by Shuye Environmental Technology Co., Ltd. "Turn waste into treasure" collection of environmental protection theme public welfare illustrations, will enter the voting phase starting today. The candidate list and illustrations are released to the public through the "Tree Industry Environmental Protection" public account. Parents and friends can follow and vote on "Tree Industry Environmental Protection". The final results will be announced on October 8, 2019.
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